Hello fellow horticulture enthusiasts!

We at Plant ID Cards are putting out a bounty on some common plants in the PNW!  This deck focuses on plants that the LCB tests for in the plant ID phase of the contractors license.  

We are currently offering $25 / qualifying photos!  You will also get your name in the credit page of our next deck.  

Please see our plant list here.  

Plant List

Here are the instructions:

In general: these photos should be as clean as possible.  Overcast days are the best time to photograph and in the mornings and evenings before shadows look harsh.  Please photograph only plants with no people in the photos. We are looking for mature plants. Please no new plantings. We are also looking for the natural form of plants. Please no freshly pruned plants.

The photos we need will be in one of the following categories.

  • Leaf
  • Bloom
  • Bark
  • Fruit
  • Form

For photos of the leaf - please photograph the leaf attached to the plant and without a any kind of human hand in the photos or without bending the plant to take the photo - the photo of the leaf should be a natural photo of the plant without touching it that clearly shows the leaf form.  if it is a compound leaf, please include the entire leaf from the node onward.

Photos of the blooms:  Not looking for close up shots.  We do want to see bloom details but we also want to see the blooms in relation to the leaves / rest of the plant around it.

Photos of the Bark: Not super close up, we want to be able to see the space on either side of the trunk on both sides.

Photos of the fruit: not super close up, we want to see the fruit in relation to the leaves / rest of the plant around it.

Photos of the form: We want to see the entire plant from and the space around it, while keeping the photo of the plant as large as possible showing the plant from it's best angel to show the structure.  Ideally the plant being photographed will be growing with enough space around it so it is the only plant in the photo - photos of plants in crowded gardens will not demonstrate the form as well as a photo of an isolated plant.

Please send all entries to info@plantidcards.com

Please include your

  • Full name
  • Name of plant
  • Photo
  • Address to mail a check