9 Lucky Plants for 2022

Lucky Plants

How time flies! It’s hard to believe it’s already 2022. We’ve all been in this pandemic bubble for the past two years and we’re all hoping that this year will be kinder to us than last year.

We may need more luck than ever as COVID-19 continues to evolve. So let’s attract positivity and good vibes in the new year by adopting plants that can bring luck to our home. You may even have some of these plants in your garden already! Here are some of the luckiest plants for the year 2022 (Year of the Water Tiger):

1. Rubber Tree

Part of the fig family, rubber plants have round, shiny green leaves that symbolize wealth and abundance. Rubber trees thrive in medium to indirect light, make great indoor plants and also promote good feng shui because they purify the air and remove negative energy from a room. Feng Shui experts say that the best place to put a rubber tree is in the southeast part of your living room.

2. Money Tree

Just like the rubber tree, the money tree plant draws prosperity and fortune to a home. Money trees are grown in a variety of different ways. Some come in braided trunks with lush green leaves. There are some with large trunks and variegated leaves and others are grown in smaller pots so they can stay mini money trees (bonsai). Although money trees are grown outdoors, they can also thrive in low light areas so you can keep them indoors too. The money tree is a nice hassle-free plant for beginner plant parents.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is known for its fresh minty scent, and symbolizes cleansing and new beginnings. Its fragrance is reminiscent of a day spa where we used to relax and enjoy the wonders of soothing massage treatments. It’s great to have this plant around as it alleviates stress and also reminds us to stay calm during the pandemic.

4. Snake Plant

Also known as Sanseveria, the snake plant is believed to be lucky because it symbolizes cleanliness and purity. It absorbs all toxins in the air and removes bad energy from a room. It’s also believed to become luckier when it starts to bear flowers. It’s sometimes called the “Mother-in-Law plant” because the leaves are shaped like a sword, or like the sharp tongue of a mother-in-law!

5. Jade Plant

Popular because of its coin-shaped leaves, the jade plant is associated with money and wealth. Since it’s a type of succulent, it is an easy-to-care-for plant. It doesn’t require frequent watering and can grow under low light conditions.

6. Lucky Bamboo

Who could forget about lucky bamboo? Often given as a gift, lucky bamboo symbolizes long life, wealth, success and prosperity. Feng Shui experts say that the luck and blessings associated with this plant are based on the number of stalks in the arrangement. It can be put in a pot with soil or also in a beautiful vase with clear water.

7. Peace Lily

Characterized by big green leaves and pure white flowers, the peace lily is considered lucky and is very pleasing to the eyes. It is said to convert all bad energy in a room to good energy. It a natural air purifier so it’s perfect for homes, offices and business spaces.

8. Njoy Pothos

Njoy pothos is a “trailing plant” with dual-colored leaves (white and green). The white leaves of the njoy pothos symbolize peace and harmony while the green leaves represent luck, money and abundance. Their vines grow long and fast, which symbolizes perseverance and determination in chasing life goals and dreams.

9. Citrus Trees

A surefire way of attracting luck and good fortune to your home is by growing a citrus tree. These shrub-like plants can be grown both outdoors and indoors and are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to a home. You can choose orange, lemon or lime – or one of each to maximize your luck!

All of the plants on our list are known for attracting luck and good vibes wherever they grow. Let’s surround ourselves with plant positivity this year so we can combat all the negative things that have been happening since the pandemic began.

With right thinking, a great outlook on life, and a a few lucky plants, 2022 will be so much better than 2021. Happy New Year everyone and stay safe!